“Starting a business yourself can feel incredible… but at times lonely. Despite the numerous progress I’ve made, at times I can get stuck, discouraged or worse – make mistakes. When Cindi and I meet, I feel as though I’m not alone; I have a partner and her support. During every meeting Cindi listens – really listens – and we make goals together. As elementary as this sounds, it forces me to take a step outside of my retail daily grind and allows me to get a grip on the big picture. She holds me accountable for our goals and, when applicable, connects me with others in the community. Through our joint efforts, Cindi has positively affected Good Makery and we are optimistic for our future. ”                      


                          ~ Leslie Koch, Owner, Good Makery



"Cindi has helped me immensely to develop a solid foundation for my business. Having multi-faceted expertise in the many areas of business, she was able to answer any and all questions that I had pertaining to my business. She took the time to sit down with me and put things into simpler terms, allowing for me to truly develop an understanding of the inner workings of a successful business. I would recommend her expertise to anyone looking to start a business, as well as anyone whose business needs a jump start!" 
                          ~ Alison Carter, Owner, Gusto Creations