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Cindi is a graduate of The Ohio State University Business School and a former startup business owner. She has hands-on experience in starting, growing, right-sizing, and selling a business. Growing up observing her family's successful business taught her how to run a company the right way. Cindi is passionate about the evolving challenges of business and thrives on developing strategies to overcome them. Using her knowledge, background and experience she is now able to be your business coach and help you meet and exceed your professional, personal, and business goals.

The Depth of Knowledge


Over the years while running her own educational publishing business, Cindi has accumulated a large network of other entrepreneurs and business owners in a wide variety of industries. This has helped to enrich her knowledge of various types of businesses and how they operate. She is especially passionate about helping woman business owners. Cindi realizes that her success in business was largely due to the advise and encouragement from others that helped her along the way. She believes in paying it forward and wants to help you achieve your goals.

The Why


Cindi is a business advisor and coach with a practical approach to solving business problems. She takes an objective look at what is getting in the way of your success and suggests easy-to-use tactics for you to implement.  She believes that you must be your personal best in all aspects of your life - mentally, physically and emotionally because implementing new business tactics work better when you are at your very best. Taking care of you, the entrepreneur, comes first. Contact Cindi for a free 1-hour consultation and get started working on your personal and business goals and challenges. 


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